Monday, February 23, 2009

Saving North Town Hall

My Newest Project involves saving North Town Hall
I have been busy writing a pamphlet that our neighborhood is putting together to educate the community about the Hall's history.

For over 150 years the North Town Hall has been a part of our history, our town, and our community.  It is in jeopardy of being sold to the Housing Authority for $1 to create 17 studio apartments.  Once converted into housing it will be lost to the community forever.

North Chelmsford is a vibrant and bustling community and it has been since Pre-Revolutionary times. Wonderful neighborhoods, the MacKay Library, beautiful Varney Park and Freeman Lake are all within walking distance to this historic building.   Historic records show evidence of the communities' pride in the North Town Hall.  We would like to restore this building and return it to the community thus instilling this sense of history and pride in future generations.

Town meeting approved building a Town Hall in the North village in 1852.  The Town Meetings alternated between the Center and the North Town Hall for many years.  Prior to 1852 town meetings were held in various places in the center until the Center Town Hall was built in 1879.  In 1886 North Town Hall was renovated and a ground floor was added.

 The North Town Hall was once a lively community center hosting many groups over the years from the well respected and decorated Spaldings' Light Calvary Civil War Unit, Many theatrical performances organized by The North Congregational Church, Scouting meetings, children's movie night, to dance classes.  Chelmsford High School graduation ceremonies were held at the Town hall alternating between North and Center for many years.  Throughout the years the North Town hall housed town offices while the Center was being renovated and was used as the Chelmsford School Administration's Offices during the late 60's.

Many advances have been made to renovate this structure in the last decade.   The interior walls have been stripped to the studs creating the ideal condition for updating the wiring and plumbing .  The roof has also been stripped and replaced.

We are looking for support to stop this sale from happening. Please contact your local government officials and let them know you want to preserve our town's history for the next generations.

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