Monday, January 19, 2009

Mowed Labyrinth 2008

I led a summer service at our church last summer and as part of that service I mowed a labyrinth into the church yard.  As  Unitarian Universalists we are encouraged to follow our 4th principal: "A free and responsible  search for truth and meaning." 
We all have traveled different paths and have returned from different journeys to find ourselves connected in this time and space. Although the path of the labyrinth  is the same for everyone who steps into it,  it will hold a different meaning; a different experience for each and everyone of us... a different journey on our path for truth and meaning.

A bit about the labyrinth:
I chose this four coil labyrinth which is created like the one that stood in the village of Temple Crowley which is just outside of Oxford England, for its winding path and its ease to mow. 

If you have a chance to walk a labyrinth, do it in the open air and enjoy this form of worship in motion.


  1. If you do this again, please let me know. I have wanted to walk one of these ever since I heard about them.

  2. I was planning to do one in the snow, but have had the time. I will let you know.